IEFG - Intelligent development of functional surface coatings

The project focuses on the targeted functionalization of textiles with catalytically active surface coatings. Based on the known (photo)catalytic, antibacterial and antiviral effects of additives such as titanium dioxide and silver nanoparticles, these are specifically incorporated into formulations and applied to textiles in conventional application processes. This enables, for example, to create effective filter solutions for air.


The concept focuses on base materials, primarily recycled plastics, to which coatings with specific functionalities applied by spray or draw-down processes. These are introduced in optimum quantities by incorporating them into typical base formulations, e.g. of polyurethane. This provides the fabrics with additional functions such as flame retardant, antibacterial, antiviral, mosquito repellent and/or colors and prints. 

The formulations developed in the IEFG project are easily and flexibly optimized for specific applications. The first promising formulations are currently used for initial scale-up experiments and the concept is further developed in the direction of production. In the medium term, the project partner Coulisse plans to develop a fully automated, modular assembly line for customized roller blinds. This will allow the production of roller blinds in the desired sizes, functions and specifications, with a make-up module coating fabrics only in the areas designated for the application and allowing the uncoated material to be easily returned to the material cycle and recycled.

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