Partnermeeting 2021

First D-NL-HIT Partner Meeting 2021

HIT Hall 03-2021

Last Thursday (25.03.), the 16 D-NL-HIT project partners met at the invitation of the lead partner HSNR – HIT for their first Zoom-based meeting of 2021.

27 partner representatives took part in the almost three-hour conference. In addition to the content and administrative update, the current status for the completion of the 20 modules of equipment for intelligent machine learning-supported formulation, application and characterisation was presented. The responsible representative of euregio rmn presented the status of preparations for the Interreg VI A programme and called for the submission of innovative bi-national (NL-DE) project outlines in the course of the year.

This invitation generated a very positive response from the project partners.
The next D-NL-HIT event will take place in April with the Advisory Board meeting, which will also be held online.