“digital” Advisory Board Meeting Project D-NL-HIT – on Wednesday, April 28, 2021

On Wednesday, 28.04.2021 the 17 regional representatives from small and medium-sized enterprises as well as organizations of the NL-DE border region met on invitation of the D-NL-HIT Lead Partner HSNR – HIT for their first web video meeting of the Advisory Board in 2021.

During the almost two-hour conference, the participants received an update on the D-NL-HIT Interreg V A project, both in terms of content and administration. This also included the technical equipment of the HIT Open Innovation HUB – Main Lab – at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Krefeld, which has been completed in the meantime. The current status for the completion of the 20 modules of equipment for intelligent machine learning-supported (high-throughput) formulation, application and characterization, which is mainly supplied by the Swiss company Chemspeed Technologies AG within an innovation partnership, was also presented.

In another focused second part of the online meeting, the possibilities of the future technical-content orientation of the HIT were discussed on a high technical level with very active participation of the representatives of the relevant industries. We will be happy to report soon on the implementation of the specific suggestions.

We thank the participants for their very active participation and the many valuable thoughts and especially for the invested time and effort in a difficult pandemic situation. See you at the next Advisory Board meeting in fall time.


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